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The key aim of our in-house programmes is to combine the learning processes of the seminar with those of the organisation. The crucial factor ensuring the success of these seminars is the close communication with the employer and the participants during the whole training process.

The dovetailing of our in-house course programmes with open seminars makes OakHill Development Academy the ideal contact partner and system suppliers for all issues relating to further education and development: From the needs analysis to the implementation of the results in the form of programmes for company development, workshops on the efficient organisation of change processes in companies, seminars and training courses and even the intensive support of individuals using coaching and the professional support of systematic team development.

We conduct our courses for companies on-site. In-house events focus both on the company's aims and on the individual needs of the participants. Our highly motivating, individually designed seminars which focus on behavioural and experimental learning are ideal for a specific group within an enterprise. They will benefit from our extensive experience in designing und executing target-orientated seminars based on real life practices and tailored to suit the specific needs of the individual participants.

Beyond that change-management and team development processes are part of our core competence.





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