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Systemic Coaching


Within the framework of sustainability, coaching programmes offer individuals and teams professional support through the active shaping of change processes. We train participants in accessing their own problem-solving skills by strengthening the self awareness or the constructive dialogue with oneself. This enhanced perception opens new perspectives from which the customer with the support of the coach is able to develop optimal solutions and approaches. The coaches at OakHill Development Academy view themselves therefore as process supporters on the individual's path towards development and change targets.


They combine a high level of methodical and interpersonal competence, clarify the aims and expectations, roles and issues with the customer in order to then offer the best possible support in their individual learning process.

This is true both for individual participants and for teams. An individual coaching programme is therefore the most suitable method for assessing the current situation in career and life planning, for personal development and also for conflict resolution or leadership or self-guidance problems. Team coaching and development offer managers and their teams the possibility to deal with and improve issues including team processes, the culture of cooperation, communication and conflict resolution. This can take place either to deal with a current situation or to prepare for impending changes in the team or environment.

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