OakHill | Development Academy

CEO's Message

George Eichenberg

Chief Executive Officer



In times of globalisation, growth and fierce competition, change is taking place all around us. Whether welcome or unwelcome, it is steadily accelerating and comes hand in hand with increasing requirements. Change is omnipresent! It affects both our professional and our private lives in a multitude of ways. The challenge for each individual, manager and employee alike, is to organise the transition phase from the "old" to the "new" whilst ensuring that agreed targets remain visible and attainable.

OakHill Development Academy strives to support and accompany organisations and their human capital. We accelerate the transformation of organizations by unlocking the potential of their people.

Furthermore, we would like to follow the invitation of His Majesty Haitham Bin Tariq Al Said to support building the nation:

"Youth are the wealth of nations and their inexhaustible resource, and their arms that build, they are the present and future of the nation, and we will strive to listen to them and sense their needs, interests and aspirations, and there is no doubt that they will find the care they deserve.
Attention to the education sector in its various types and levels and to provide a supportive and stimulating environment for scientific research and innovation will be at the top of our national priorities, and we will provide it with all the means for empowerment as it is the basis through which our children will be able to contribute to building the requirements of the next phase."