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360 Degree Feedback

What is it?

360 degree feedback is a highly effective performance evaluation tool. It can be used for organizational growth team development and individual improvement for employees on all levels. A comprehensive easy to use, flexible and cost effective employee assessment solution designed for groups or projects of any size.

Employees are being provided a well-rounded and balanced view of their skills and behavior through a fully automated online software solution (tailor-made or based on our professional experience). Feedback isn't just given by the supervisor but from a variety of people in the organization.
The Employees gain insight into their behavior and its perception in the company which increases self awareness. 360 reviews are key to identifying an employee's strengths and weaknesses. Tailor-made development plans can be created based on the results for improvement and change.



How does it work?

The participant receives confidential, anonymous feedback (rates) by a list of people (managers, peers) about his / her workplace behavior, performance and competencies. Raters can be selected by the HR department, the participant's manager or by the participant. The feedback questions are measured on a rating scale and raters are asked to provide written comments as well. The participant also fills out a self-rating survey that includes the same feedback-questions.

After completing the feedback process a comprehensive report is generated which provides the necessary information for future progress. There are numerous ways for adjustment to meet the specific needs of an organization. We offer suggestions based on best practice and our professional experience and help you to create efficient development and improvement plans.


  • Easy to use through a user-friendly online interface
  • Incredibly fast and cost-effective
  • Complete control and progress monitoring system including automatic reminders
  • Flexible to adjustments at any time
  • Clear focused report designs tailor-made and according to your need

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